For a long time, I was working with Software Development teams. Being a certified Scrum Master helped a lot to keep interferences at bay and have the team focused on the delivering value.

At the beginning of 2019 came a new challenge. I was working with an operation team and something was missing. That is how Kanban came into action. Along with Scrum, Kanban is a powerful tool for value-delivering. After the Scrum team manages to create a pull system, the different Kanban practises and metrics will help you get some predictability. Scrum and Kanban are thoroughly compatible and using both will help you increase your teams’ Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation.

In order to increase my knowledge of the Kanban strategy, I started preparing for the new Assessment (Professional Scrum with Kanban). I passed the exam a few weeks later and since I’m a certified PSK 1.

Surprisingly, there is more material to this exam than there is for the PSM 1 or PSPO 1. For you Scrum Masters working with a Development, Operation or DevOps teams, I strongly recommend trying the Scrum and Kanban approach.